Weekend house rules

House Rules

BarAngol Weekend


  • This weekend is your special chance to use English only. As during the BarAngol events, speaking Hungarian is strongly discouraged. If you don’t know how to say something in English, don’t ask anyone in Hungarian. That can be disturbing and you will probably forget the phrase in 2 minutes’ time. Describe what you mean, use mimics, your body, act it out, draw, but use English only. When a word doesn’t come to your mind in your native language, you do the same thing, don’t you?


  • Not everyone speaks the same level of English in the group. This is a chance to learn pronunciation, phrases, grammar from those who are better and practice paraphrasing to those who understand less. Understand and be understood, that is the goal!


  • If you notice people making mistakes, don’t correct them. Everyone was corrected enough at school and at courses, yet this did not make people a great speaker. The point is to overcome mistakes! If the mistakes make the message impossible to understand, ask for clarification or repetition (What do you mean? Can you put that another way, please?). Communication is the key.


  • Be an active listener. React, take turns to speak.


  • Be kind to everyone J We all want to have a good time.


  • Have fun, sleep easy. Please keep quiet between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.


  • In a clean bathroom it is a pleasure to get clean! Please leave the bathroom in a neat state after use.


  • Please clear up after yourself when you are finished with your meals.


  • Let us know in advance if for any reason you cannot take part in one of the activities.


  • If something is great, tell your group members. If something isn’t right, tell us.


  • Your safety during your stay is your own responsibilty.